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            JMI single diaphragm coupling with sinking hole
            XL Star Elastic Coupling
            GIICL-Drum Tooth Coupling
            Elastic column pin-tooth coupling
            JS Type Shell Radial Installation Coupling
            JMIJ Intermediate Axis Double Diaphragm Elastic Coupling
            Clamping spline plum elastic coupling
            TLL Elastic Sleeve Pin Coupling
            HL Elastic Column Pin Coupling
            YL-type flange coupling
            Slider coupling
            KC chain coupling
            Tire Coupling for LLB Metallurgical Equipment
            WGI Drum-type Tooth Coupling
            Serpentine spring coupling
            JMIJ Type Diaphragm Coupling with Intermediate Axis
            Cangzhou Jinchi Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
            JZM Diaphragm Coupling for Heavy Machinery
            GIICLZ-Drum Tooth Coupling
            Rigid coupling
            XL Plum Star Coupling
            GL roller chain coupling
            ZLZ Elastic Column Pin-Tooth Coupling
            JMI diaphragm coupling
            LMS Double Flanged Plum Blossom Elastic Coupling
            Years of Experience, Creating Classics

            Continuous years of research and development of innovative coupling products; products strictly implement national or local standards, and according to customer needs, to provide products with special performance specifications; the company's products sell well in domestic and foreign markets, by the majority of customers praise;

            Spot supply, tailor-made

            Specialized in providing coupling production and engineering supporting services for many years, rich experience; complete product varieties, specifications, strength is trustworthy!

            Design production team!

            Have a strong design and production team; work out technology, production and installation plan, production schedule before production; progress time of each project;

            Full Care-free Service-24-hour Rapid Response

            Provide national 7*24 hour service hotline, official website consulting platform; product quality assures people, problems, contact us at any time to solve in time; regular (within three years) return visits to users, at any time to provide technical guidance;

            Cangzhou Jinchi Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

              Cangzhou Jinchi Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and production of expansion coupling sleeve, mechanical transmission and mechanical seal. It has the superior conditions and strong advantages of research and development of high-tech products and mass production, and can meet the various needs of users. The company has realized CAD computer aided design and information management. It integrates research and manufacturing, has rich manufacturing experience and strong technical force, perfect testing means, complete varieties and specifications, stable and reliable quality. The main products are diaphragm coupling, plum coupling, elastic coupling, elastic pin coupling, tire coupling, drum gear coupling, rigid coupling, slider coupling, roller chain coupling, star coupling, water pump coupling, universal coupling series, coupling accessories, etc.

            Recent information
          2. What are the advantages and disadv…2019-06-04
            Elastic pin coupling is an elastic pin made of non-metallic elastic raw materials according to the size of pin holes in the two-half coupling, which is connected by the flange holes of the two-half coupling.
          3. Introduction to the Classification…2019-06-04
            Because of the manufacturing and installation errors, the deformation after loading and the influence of temperature change, the two axes connected by the coupling will change their relative position, and the strict alignment is often not guaranteed. Coupling can be divided into rigid coupling, flexible coupling and safety coupling according to whether the coupling has elastic elements, whether it can compensate for various relative displacements, that is, whether it can maintain the connection function under the premise of relative displacement and the use of the coupling.
          4. more
            Common problem
            Elastic coupling checks whether there are radial circular and end-face runouts when the coupling rotates. Check the complete condition, wear condition and meshing condition of internal and external gears of coupling. Check whether the pressure gauges and control cabinets are normal or not. If they are damaged, they should be repaired or replaced.
            Design of moulds, automobiles, household appliances, construction machinery, non-standard coupling equipment, etc. Use commonly used mechanical design software: AutoCAD, Proe, UG and other tools for product structure design or other design.
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